Electric acknowledges the environment as a business issue. In pursuit of business successes, the company recognises the need to conduct its activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
The company is concerned with the need to find solutions to potentially adverse environmental impacts of our business activities and is committed to the prevention of pollution and a programme of continuous improvement.
The company believes that the impact its activities may have on the environment are not confined to our manufacturing processes or indeed within the confines of our site facilities. Rather they can be spread over the life cycle of a product or service, and may contribute to adverse environmental effects in a number of indirect ways. From production of raw material through to end of life disposal of a product, we aim to minimise harm to the environment in every aspect over which we have an influence. 
Objectives & Achievements 
• Reduce consumption (energy, water and materials) 
• Reduce hazardous substances 
• Reduce industrial waste (solid waste and chemicals) 
• Use environmental-friendly materials 
Over a year, we have invested in new equipment and process streamlines to lower energy and water consumption in our manufacturing plants. We have been successful in reducing the weight and size of our products and that in turns helps to save raw materials and packaging, and increases efficiency in transportation.

Sustainable Development

Running a social responsible business
Our internal "Design for Environment" program leads our product development towards sustainable development. Our goal is to make eco-friendly products offering better energy-efficiency, creating least environmental impact, avoiding hazardous substances, offering better durability and life expectancy and with recycled content and recyclability.